Thursday, 27 September 2007

Snowskin Mooncakes with yellow split peas paste 迷你冰皮月餅 - 豌豆黃餡

Mooncakes are a typical and traditional chinese pastry with sweet fillings eaten during Mid-Autuum Festival since There are a lots of kinds of mooncakes, traditional mooncakes include cantonese, suzhou, beijing, teochew, shanghai, yunnan, fuzhou and more. Nowdays, there are also modern mooncakes likes chilled mooncake which more known as Ping Pei (snowskin) Mooncakes, jelly mooncakes and ice-cream mooncakes. I choosed to make chilled mooncake cause it is easier and simple besides it is also healthier.

Source: Mooncake Cookbook, Eupho Cafe

(A) 150g koh fun ( cooked glutinous rice flour)
130g icing sugar
50g shortening
(B) 50ml fresh milk
180ml ice cold water
(C) 450-500g yellow split peas paste (or red bean filling/ any fillings)
1. Prepare fillings, roll 15 balls which each weight 30g. Set aside.
2. Sieve koh fun and icing sugar into a big bowl, add in shortening and mix well.
3. Add in fresh milk and iced cold water and mix it to a soft dough. Pour some koh fun on your hand and on the table before you knead it cause it is quiet sticky at the beginning. Remember don't overmix!!!!!
4. Divide the skin to 15 portion which 20g each.
5. Round the skin, flatten the skin and wrap in the filling. Remember to seal all edges. Repeat.
6. Place it into a koh fun dusted mooncake mould and press firmly. Dislodge imprinted mooncake from mould.Repeat. Done.
1. Don't overmix the skin, it may difficult to seal the edges.
2. You may refer to to get yellow split peas pudding as your filling. It contain no oil and taste not so sweet and is healthier.
3. I used 50g mooncakes mould, so skin should be weight 40% and filling weight 40%.
4. I experimented this mooncakes, it is still very soft and tasty after days. You may add some colouring or/en flavour to your skin too.

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