Monday, 1 October 2007

Pandan Snowskin Mooncakes with Red Bean Paste 班兰迷你冰皮月饼 - 红豆馅

Pandan Chilled Mooncakes with red bean paste filling is a common mooncakes in malaysia. My family and friends asked me to make some mooncake again as my first chilled monncake with yellow split peas paste so welcomed by everyone even for a dutch, turkish, hindu...... yeah!!!! so great satisfaction!!! So, I decided make it again but in diffrence flavour.Hahha..... succes again. Hope you will like it too!

Source: Mooncake Cookbooks

150g koh fun (cooked glutinous rice flour)
200g icing sugar
50g shortening
few drops pandan paste
200ml iced cold water
500g red bean paste

1. Divided filling 30g each, shape round and set aside. In another bowl, drop a few drops pandan paste into iced cold water. Set aside.
2. Sieve koh fun and icing sugar in a big bowl, add in shortening. Rub into small crumbles and add in liquid mixture, mix well. Divided 20g each.
3. Wrap the filling with skin pastry, place into dusted mooncake mould and pressfirmly. Dislodge the imprinted mooncake, readt to serve.

1. I wrap my mooncake with kitchen servittes to prevent condensation when I keep them in the fridge.
2. Don't over knead the pastry or you may difficut to wrap it.
3. I make my red bean paste by myself, cause I personally prefer not so sweet or not too oily food. You may subtitutes with other filling. Red bean paste recipe

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