Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Preserved Kamquat & Kamquat Jam 金棗蜜餞

Preserved kamquat 金棗蜜餞 or 金桔蜜餞 are based on the original great tasting Kam Quats. Kam Quats (baby tangerines) are sweet, sour, crisp, and intense in citrus flavor. It has sweet, crispy, thin skin and a bit sour flesh.I made it with my own version which less sweet and healthier.

Source: Eupho Cafe

700g Baby tangerines-Kam quats
300g Sugar or rock sugar
1.5l Water

1. Wash kamquat, drain it.
2. Use a fork and press to the kamquats or use a small knife and cut to't' form under the kamquat.
3. Boiled a pan with water, blench the kamquat about 5 minutes.
4. In another sauce pan, boiled 1.5 liter water with rock sugar/sugar till dissolved.Add in the blenched kamquats.
5. Cook and simmer it over very low heat for 1 hour.Done.
6. Ready to served when it is cooled, the rest of the syrup would change to 'jam' when it is cool.

1. The reason to blench kamquat is reduse the sour-bitter taste.
2. I use rock sugar which have more fragnant taste.
3. Chinese likes to drink kamquat tea熱桔茶, just add some preserved kamquat in a cup with hot boiling water and cover it for minutes before served.

Sweet Potatoes Soup

When I was a young girl,my mum loves to boiled 'tong sui'糖水 or 甜湯 -sweet soup for us to reduce our body heat and as a dessert. Last week i saw a lots nice and cheap orange colour sweet potatoes which very hard to find at here, i bought it and make tong sui for my lovely family.

Source: Lily Wai Sek Hong, My mom


Sweet potatoes
2-3 Pandan leaves
Enough sugar

1. Wash the sweet potatoes throughly, peeled the skin,removed the dots.
2. Cut sweet potatoes into small portions.
3. Knot the pandan leaves, put it into a big soup pan with enough water and sweet potatoes too.
4. Boiled it for half an hour to 2 hours.
5. Add sugar into the soup. Ready to serve.

1. Boiled it over low heat, if water too less,add more water cause it should be likes clear soups.

Sweet Potatoes Balls 笑口棗

I boiled sweet potatoes soup for my family to reduce their body-heat.Nobody eat the rest of mushy sweet potatoes,here you are the best recipes for the mushy sweet potatoes.

Source: Lily Wai Sek Hong, Amy Beh

500g mashed sweet potatoes
200g glutinous rice flour
1 1/2 tbsp custard powder
3 1/2 tbsp castor sugar
1/2 cup sesame seeds
Enough Oil for deep frying

1. Combine mashed sweet potatoes, glutinous rice flour, custard powder and sugar with just enough water to form a smooth dough that is soft in texture but not sticky.(you might not need water if the mashed sweet potatoes is wet enough)
2. Divide dough into small, equal portions and roll into balls. Dip in water and coat with sesame seeds.
3. Deep-fry sweet potato balls till golden brown.Dish out and drain well before serving.

1. It is very nice snack,but it is quiet oily.I put it on a plate with kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil.
2. I boiled the sweet potatoes for 'tong sui',then i pick up the flesh to make sweet potatoes ball.hahahhah.....

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Kuih Bingka Suji-Malay Semolina Cake

Hahaha......... I bought a pack 'griesmeel' (sugee,suji,semolina) and make this kuih cause I was so surprise suji can make kuih too. I'd promise my dutch neighbour to treat them kuih bingka cause they smell the fragnant last time when I baked kuih bingka kayu. Luckily everyone enjoy it.

Source: Jo's Deli And Bakery, Amy Beh

3 eggs
110g sugar
160g sugee/semolina
250ml coconut milk
60ml pandan juice(blend 6-8 pandan leaves with some water)
1/4 tsp salt
375ml water
90ml melted butter
30g sifted flour
1. Greased pan with some melted butter. 2. Beat eggs and sugar until sugar dissolves. Add in semolina, coconut milk, pandan juice, salt and water, then cook over medium heat till thick. Remove heat and add in melted butter and flour.
3. Pour into greased pan and bake at 190 degree celcious for 1 hour or till done. Then grill 5 minutes more with top heat for crispy golden brown skin. Cool completely before served.
1. The kuih seems undercook after 1 hour.But remember wait till it cool completely before cut it.It is already done,but it will be firm to kuih after you cool it completely.

Homemade Preserved Chilies 自製辣椒醋 - 自製酸辣椒

Preserved chilies is very popular in south east asian,peoples likes to eat it with a bowl noddles,rice.You can choose difference kind of chilies to make it which you prefer hot chilies or with no 'kick' one.Easy,tasty and healthy.

Source: Little Corner Of Mine,

Green or red chilies
1. Wash chilies throughly with cold water.Slice it as you desire.
2. Salted the chilies,then add in sugar(should be more than salt).
3. Pour in bottle,add in vinegar till cover all the chilies.
4. Ready to eat after 2 days.
1. Don't salted it with too much salt cause it might be too salty.
2. If you make it during winter should wait for longer time.

Red Bean Paste 紅豆沙餡

This is my first red bean paste 高力豆沙 which known as 'hong dou sha' or 'gao li dou sha' in mandarin, which made by red bean /azuki bean.It is my healthy red bean paste cause it is less sweet and contains no lard,butter or magerine but with very little salad oil. Japanese eat it with 2 slices hot cake---Dorayaki,chinese likes to bake biscuits with it or fill it with chinese buns-pau.

Source: Eupho Cafe

450g red beans
225g sugar
50g maltose/honey
pinch of salt
40g salad oil
Some pandan leaves(screwpine leaves) or some drops of vanilla essence

1. Wash red beans carefully,soak in clear water overnight.
2. Drain red beans,put in a sauce pan.Boil it with knotted pandan leaves in medium heat till red bean turn to very soft.Turn off heat.
3. Remove pandan leaves.Put the soft cooked red beans with its liquids into blender and blend it till smooth.
4. Put the red bean paste into sauce pan again to cook over low heat.Add in sugar,maltose,salt and cook it over medium-low heat and keep stiring all the time till dry.You can add vanilla essence if you don't cooked it with pandan leaves.
5. Add in oil when it is done,mix it till smooth paste.

1. There are 2 version---a.dry version which suitable for baking biscuit.
b.wet version which suitable for pau,buns,dorayaki,glutinous rice ball etc.
2. Don't forget stiring when you cook it,boil it to prevent sticking to pan.
3. Adding maltose or honey or maple syrup is optinal,can omit it.

Friday, 6 April 2007

Chicken floss 雞肉鬆

Mmmmmmmmmmm,chicken floss.It is really difficult to buy at here,in Netherlands.Luckily,i got this recipes from lily's blog.It taste nice,easy to do and save you a lots of money.

Source: Lily Wai Sek Hong

2 cups of shredded cooked chicken/pork
1 tbsp dark soya sauce(optional)
1 tsp light soya sauce
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 - 1 tsp white pepper
1/4 cup of soup(the one which the meat was cooked)

1. Mix all ingredients in a big pan.Bring it to boil,then turn to medium heat and fry it continuously.Mean while,try to pressing the meat when you are frying the meat floss till it is loosen and light.
2. Fry the meat continously until it is dry and flossy.

1. Remember adjust the flavour,if you want more spice' in your meat floss,add some curry powder.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Very Easy Convinient Steamed Fatt Koh/ Huat Kueh 電鍋發糕

Huat kueh (hokkien) or Fatt Koh (cantonese) is chinese blossom steam cup cake. Most os them will steam iit using toddy(palm wine) or using Eno (fruit salt) to ensure good high rise steam cake. I saw this recipe from a taiwanese website, it is very easy.

Source: YTower

cake flour 100g
icing sugar 80g
baking powder 4g
water 105ml

1. Sift cake flour and icing sugar at least 3 times to make sure no more lumps.
2. Add 95ml water into cake flour and icing sugar,stir till smooth batter.
3. Dissolve baking powder in 10ml water.Then add into batter.Stir well and rest for 5 minutes.
4. Pour into moulds.Steam over rapid boiling water about 20 minutes.

1. Don't open when fatt kog are steamed.After 20 minutes,slowly open the cover lid,take the fatt kohh after awhile.
2. The water must fully steamed,put your fatt koh to steam only over rapid boiling water.
3. You can use rice cooker to steam fatt kohh.
4. Don't put too much fatt koh to steam at once,it may reduce the fatt koh to raise up.