Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Cucur - Fried Sweet Rice Flour Cake - Chewy pancakes


I have a very nice indonesian cookbook Yasa Boga, I found this recipe and try it. What a surprise ---- it is totally diffferent with malaysian cucur which known better as cucur udang (prawn fritter). This version is a sort of kueh which chewy, slighty sweet and very fragnant. Conclusion, it is worth to try this indonesian snack.

Source: Yasa Boga


220g rice flour
200g brown sugar
250ml water
Oil for frying


1. Combine all ingredient except oil, stir until the batter feels light and smooth.
2. Heat some oil over medium heat, fry the batter (about 3tbsp for each). Cook until the batter riseand edges become curly. Remove, drain, and served.

1. I used sugar in stead of brown sugar and adding some pandan paste.
2. I pan-fry the cucur with some oil.


Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe. Looks easy to do. May try it.

QQ red apple said...

hi sandra,
how are you? miss you so much. nice to see you again. groetjes en fijne pasen.

Sandra said...

Dankje wel QQ. Jij ook prettige lente dagen.
Tot straks,

i crapped said...

hi, may i know whether glutinous rice flour can be used instead? thanks.

QQ red apple said...

hi "I crapped",
I think glutinous flour can be used too in this recipe in stead of rice flour because glutinous ricce flour will mak it more chewy. Succes!