Monday, 2 March 2009

Sitiawan's Hockchew (Foozhou) Specialities

Kong Piang or gong piang or 光饼 is a very common street food in sitiawan or to hockchew peoples. Well, I'm cantonese-hokkien but I grown up in this little small town and marry to a hockchew husband will sur love this kind trditionale street food. When we are back, sure will not miss the chances to taste and enjoy it. Not much of peoples know it but trust me if you are in sitiawan, buy one and taste it and see or it is worth. For more information ,please look at


Anonymous said...

hi, I came across yr blog abt Sitiawan Kong Piang, it really reminds me of my hometown! The kongpiang you look crunchy and yummy :-).

Jobless Girl said...

I miss the kong pian..