Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My New House

I will not update my blog in this month as I'm just move to my new house. Still need lots of things to do, hahha.... and still not so good with my new digitale oven. See you next month.


Sandra said...

Congratulations on your moving to a new house. Must be a lot of work to renovate. If I lived near your area I can come help you ramen zemen but too bad I live in the next city.
Hou je tai during the renovation. Hope you are settled in before the winter starts.

QQ red apple said...

Hi Sandra,
Thanks for your kindly, when my house is done, I will invite you to my house. Groetjes....

Sandra said...

Thanks for the invite. Would love that. No hurry.
You and your family, take care and stay warm during these cold months.