Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Hong Kong style Mah Lai Koh 馬拉糕

Mah Lai Koh is usually served during eating 'dim sum' at chinese restaurant. It is very tasty, simple and welcome by olds and youngs. I tried many time to make it but everytime end up with hard normal cake. But I tried this recipe today and it satisfied me and my kids loves it very much.

Source: Playing With My Food

(A) 175g flour
1/2tsp yeast
11/2tsp sugar
160ml water
(B) 4 eggs
240g sugar
60g cake flour
2tbsp custard powder
30g oil
1tsp double acting baking powder
1/2tsp vinegar
1/4tsp lye water

1. Mix ingredients (A) and prove it for 2-4 hour or overnight till double size.
2. Use your hand to mix all ingredients, start with sugar. Mix till sugar is dissolved and add eggs one at a time. Then followed by oil, custard powder, flour, vinegar, lye water and baking powder, mix till smooth.
3. Grease a cake mould about 9", steam the empthy mould for 5 minutes.
4. Pour into the heated mould and steam over high heat for 30 minutes.

1. You may think this recipes is quite rare but i told you using this method will ensure you get a nice and tasty mah lai koh.
2. Dissolve sugar with the yeast dough is easier than you think cause sugar will melt as soon they in contact with liquid and the yeast dough contains water.
3. Mix by your hand and not by mixer to prevent overmixing- it will causing hard and unsmooth cake.

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