Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Ang Tau Sah Piah--Red Bean Biscuit 紅豆沙酥

These small sweet patties is a very famous snack from my hometown Perak, Malaysia.It suppose filled with red bean paste or mung bean paste or something sweet filling. It is smaller than Hong Kong Lou Poh Peng which filled with candied melon. Anyway, every place got their own nice food.

Source: Seadragon, Jo's Deli And Bakery


Water Dough:175g plain flour
pinch salt
60g ghee or lard or shortening
35g icing sugar
90ml lukewarm water
Fat Dough:
130g plain flour
30g cornflour
80g ghee or lard or shortening

160g red bean paste for 20 portions

1. Make the water and fat dough separately. You need to rest the water dough for 15-20 minutes before using.
2. Divide into 20 portions each. Make sure both doughs have about the same pliability/flexibility. Wrap each fat dough into each water dough, do all the rolling necessary to get the layering.
3. For the filling I used my own homemade red bean paste.You can buy red bean paste at chinese supermarket too.It is much easier. But I prefer less sweetness and it is healthier.My red bean paste recipe is here, I used 160g red bean paste for 20 portions.
4. Wrap the filling inside the pastry. Flatten slightly with your palm.
5. Bake at about 210°C for about 12 minutes.

1. Becare when you roll up water dough and fat dough. If they leaks, it might be look not nice and taste not good too.I recognise you take a look at for more information.
2. Before I bake it, I brush it with some egg wash(1 egg-slightly beaten and add with some water) for more shinny golden result.

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