Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Chinese Dumpling - Soei Gau 水饺

水饺 or know as shui gau, is a kind of the rustic northern china dumplings, and the skins are thicker and the filling is coarser than cantonese version (southern version). Anyway, you may always make any kind of filling that you likes.

Source; Chan Chen Hei

600g flour
A pinch of salt
300ml water
115g cornflour
180g chopped prawn
300g chopped pork
20g chopped chinese celery
20g chopped spring onions
10g chopped chinese mushroom
10g chopped black fungus
20g chopped carrots
20g chopped bamboo shoot
a pinch cornflour
sesame ol


1. Combine filling except cornflour, add seasoning and cornflour and bind lightly. Set aside.
2. Dough: Mix flour, salt and water together to form a dough, roll out a cilinder and divide into 24 pieces. Roll into thin round surface, dust with cornflour to prevent sticking.
3. Wrap filling, seal edges.
4. Cook the dumpling in hot boiling water till done.

1. If you are lazy to make own skin, just buy it from chinese store.

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