Monday, 5 March 2007

Malaysia Palm sugar Fatt Koh 红糖發糕

This is a common snack in malaysia which you can see it anywhere. It is a very easy homemade cake for old and young, it is still very soft, moist and fragnant even after 3 days. Actually i'm a bit lazy cause i steamed it i a big mould while it supposse steam it in small cup or muffin moulds----you will get a very pretty nice laughing--open cake.

Source: Amy Beh

2 large eggs
80g soft brown sugar
130ml water
130g palm sugar
5 pandan leaves
130ml coconut cream
250g cake flour
1tbsp double action baking powder

1. Cook palm sugar with water and pandan leaves till dissolved. Leave to cool completely, then add in coconut milk and mix well..
2. Beat eggs and brown sugar till fluffly and lightly, add in sifted cake flour and baking powder and finally combine with coconut syrup.Blend till smooth.
4. Pour into paper lined mould or 14xmini cup .Steam it for 30 minutes in high heat.

1. It taste really nice with soft textures,moist and fragnant cake.
2. Store this cake in refrigrater during hot summer cause it contains coconut milk.
3. Remember sift cake flour and baking powder for at least 3 times.


Simonne said...

sound simple to make !
thanks for sharing this recipe

Simonne said...

I've just made this!
They taste heavenly. The only thing is not fluffy enough, perhaps i should fold the flour more carefully next time.

QQ red apple said...

Hi Simone,
Yes, it is very easy, just followed the recipe and carefully folding flour would get the right texture. Good Luck!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear that you likes it!!!