Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Preserved Kamquat & Kamquat Jam 金棗蜜餞

Preserved kamquat 金棗蜜餞 or 金桔蜜餞 are based on the original great tasting Kam Quats. Kam Quats (baby tangerines) are sweet, sour, crisp, and intense in citrus flavor. It has sweet, crispy, thin skin and a bit sour flesh.I made it with my own version which less sweet and healthier.

Source: Eupho Cafe

700g Baby tangerines-Kam quats
300g Sugar or rock sugar
1.5l Water

1. Wash kamquat, drain it.
2. Use a fork and press to the kamquats or use a small knife and cut to't' form under the kamquat.
3. Boiled a pan with water, blench the kamquat about 5 minutes.
4. In another sauce pan, boiled 1.5 liter water with rock sugar/sugar till dissolved.Add in the blenched kamquats.
5. Cook and simmer it over very low heat for 1 hour.Done.
6. Ready to served when it is cooled, the rest of the syrup would change to 'jam' when it is cool.

1. The reason to blench kamquat is reduse the sour-bitter taste.
2. I use rock sugar which have more fragnant taste.
3. Chinese likes to drink kamquat tea熱桔茶, just add some preserved kamquat in a cup with hot boiling water and cover it for minutes before served.

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