Wednesday, 1 August 2007

White Sugar Sponge Cake - Pak Thong Kou - 白糖糕 - 伦教糕

伦教糕 or 白糖糕 is white sugar sponge cake (also called white sugar cake and white sugar pastry) or called as Pak Thong Koh in cantonese. When I made this cake, it seem to be very less liquid, so I added more water in the batter. The result is my bak thong koh is too soft. If you made it, follow this recipes without any addition of water for a spongy texture. Anyway, my bak thong koh is tasty, next time will follow the recipes!!!!

Source: Seadragon

A.Sponge Dough
50ml rice flour
50ml tepid water(lukewarm water)
1tsp dry instant yeast
B.Main Batter
150ml rice flour
350ml water
180g sugar
pinch of salt

1. Combine A(sponge dough) and let it prove for an hour.
2. In the meantime, place rice flour in a big mixing bowl, bring water,sugar and salt to boil till sugar is dissolved. Pour it into rice flour, stirring to mix well. Let it cool completely.
3. Add main dough to sponge dough and mix well. Let it proof till the surface is full of tiny bubbles with sweet yeasty smell. If you smell strong sourish smell, steam immediately.
4. Lightly oil the 20cm mould, pour in batter and steam for 25 minutes over high heat.

1. Cover the lid with clothes to prevent water dripping down, you must steam it over roaring boiling water.
2. Don't add more water or you may get soft texture likes me.


Chrystal said...

Hi there,

I want to try to make this too.. though my recipe mentiones lye water. I bought it in the store today, but am a bit hestitant to use it as it is an actual potion.
I have no idea what the lye water is suppose to do and I couldn't find anything online.. do you know by any chance?


QQ red apple said...

Hi chrystal,

sorry for late reply, I was in malaysia for summer holiday with my family. Lye water is "kan sui" in cantonese and air kapur in malays or know as potassium carbonate & sodium bi-carbonate solution in english science name. Istay in rotterdam and you can try to find it in chinese stores. MMmmmm, yes, should put some lye water to neutralise the acidily of the batter and it may produce more bouncy and spongy cake. Hope you will get succes!!! Dag en succes!!!!!!