Thursday, 1 November 2007

Pulut Tai Tai, Pulut Tekan 馬來西亞椰汁糯米糕

Pulut Tekan or pulut tai tai is one of the classic nyonya kuih which common served with kaya spread. Blue rice???? no, I coloured it with blue food colouring cause I can't find out bunga telang to extact the blue colour. This version is good to try, cause it is so delicous and easy to do too....

Source: Lily Wai Sek Hong, Seadragon, Streetfood cookbook


500g glutinous rice ( soak overnight, drained)
350ml coconut milk
1tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
some blue colouring
pandan leaves, knotted


1. Put all ingredients into a steaming try, steam it on high heat for 30- 45 minutes. Open the lids and fluff up the rice and steam again for 10 minutes, repat till rice is cooked.
2. Removed from steamer, 1dd blue colouring into 1/3 of cooked glutinous rice , mix through. Pour the coloured glutinous rice into 2/3 glutinous rice and mix it for marble effect.
3. Transfer it to another square pan which lined with banana leaves, press it and put something heavy on the top till the kuih is cool and firm.
4. Cut and served with kaya.


1. I use not much coconut milk to steam the glutinous rice cause I soak the glutinous overnight and it is east to steam.
2. The reason the fluff up the rice for every 10 minutes is to get fluffy rice but not sticky.
3. You may avoid the banana leaves or pandan leaves if you don't have it.

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