Sunday, 2 December 2007

Salted Eggs 鹹蛋

Salted duck eggs is a common chinese preserved food and very easy to make it by your own too. There are many methods to make salted duck eggs likes soaking in brine(salt solution), or cover with salt or even wine addition or chilies etc. Chinese loves to eat it with congee, use the salted dugg yolks to make mooncake filling or biscuits' filling or cooking it with other materials.

Source: TPC


25 duck eggs or 30 chicken eggs
8 cups water
2 cups salt
some sichuan pepper (about a pinch)
1/2 cup chinese cooking wine


1. Wash and dry the eggs carefully. Set aside.
2. Put water and salt in a big pot, heat it till salt is dissolved, turn off heat and sprinkle a pinch of sichuan pepper. Set aside and let cool completely.
3. Arrange the eggs in a big pot, mix the cooking wine into the cold brine and pour into the pot to soak the eggs. Seal the pot.
4. Keep it in a shadow and cool place. It is ready after 25 days.

1. Must wash and dry the eggs carefully, they break easily.
2. By adding sichuan pepper and some chinese cooking wine makes your salted eggs taste a bit fragnant and not so smelly.
3. Must let the brine(salt solution) cool completely before soak the eggs or you may get bad eggs.
4. Please write down the date of making to prevent over or undersoaking. Seal the pot tightly and remember never touch the pot again during 25 days or you will get breaken yolks but not beautiful yolks.
5. Prefer use glass pot that you can see through, if eggs break up, remove the eggs and soak it with new brine.

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