Thursday, 1 November 2007

Serikaya 咖央醬 2

Kaya, (also Serikaya means /sich in malaysbased on its golden colour) is jam made from eggs, coconut milk, sugar which flavoured with pandan leaves and caramized by sugar. Kaya is typically served with a warm toast with lots of butter and kaya or as filling for pau, buns and kuih. There are also kaya in green colour with coloured by pandan paste.

Source: My Mom, Seadragon


1 bowl eggs
1 bowl sugar
1 bowl coconut milk
5-6 pandan leaves, knotted
1 slow cooker


1. Dissolved sugar with eggs, then add in coconut milk and mix well.
2. Pour mixture into slow cooker and add in knotted pandan leaves. Turn on the slow sooker at low heat.
3. Check the kaya every hour and stir it. After 3-4 hours (depends to your slow cooker, it may a bit later or quicker), it may set and firm already, in another small sauce pan, heat it with some sugar till it is caramized and quickily pour it into the kaya and stir constantly. Done.


1. Last time, when I make kaya, I need to stand for hours to cook my kaya. But now, I put all the ingredients into my slow cooker and I blend it to a smooth kaya with my blender.
2. It may be a bit lumpy, so blend it for a smooth silky kaya.
3. If you don't have pandan leaves, just flavour it with vanila extract or with pandan paste.
4. You may make your kaya with breadmachine with 'jam' function.
Here is my another green kaya


Anonymous said...

hi, do you have the recipe for Seri kaya cake?


QQ red apple said...

hi may,

sorry, I don't have seri kaya cake recipe. but I found a new recipe by jo's recipe at here which called pandan kaya layer cake .... Hope you will like it too. Bye, regards.