Friday, 1 February 2008

Paper- Lined spongecake 紙包蛋糕

I still have a lots of sponge stabilitier as my sis bought it for me during summer holiday in malaysia. My kids shouting to have sponge cake and I make it with using hug bear's recipe. It turn out nice with collapsing but I don't know why the surface is not very smooth.

Source: Baking Mum, Do What I Likes, YTower, Jo's Deli And Bakery

4 eggs
100 gm cake flour
100 gm castor sugar
12 gm spongecake stabliser
25 gm milk
90 gm melted butter

1. Put all the ingredients except the melted butter and beat till ribbon stage, add in melted butter and mix throughly.
2. Pour into paper-lined paper cups and bake in preheated oven at 175 degree celcious for 20 minutes or till done. Remove to wire rack to cool immediately.


1. Make sure the eggs are very fresh.
2. Ribbon stage is mean the batter is very thick and if you write '8', it will appear on the batter for awhile.

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