Thursday, 3 July 2008

Kaya ---- Egg Jam

Kaya again, hahah... yes again cause my hubby love it. After I know that I can use slow cooker to make kaya, I make it more frequent than before because it is so easy, just thrown in the ingredient and after some hours it is done and I blend it to smooth puree and enjoy.


1 bowl of egg
1 bowl of coconut milk
1 bowl of sugar
pandan leaves
100g suagr for caramel


1. Combine eggs, sugar and coconut milk and whisk gently till sugar is dissolved. Pour it into slow cooker, add in pandan leave and cook over slow temperature. It might be done in 4-6 hour depend of the amount. After it is done, caramize the sugar in a pan and pou into the kaya and stir quickly till well mixed. Blend till smooth.

1. You may use pandan paste and you will get green kaya and skip off the caramizing which for brown kaya.

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