Thursday, 5 July 2007

Fried Nian Gao in Spring Roll Skin炸年糕

Nian Gao年糕 known as glutinous rice cake can be store for a long time in the freezer. Peoples likes to pan-fry it with some egg, or pan-fry it with some bread crumbles, or steam it till soft and coated with fresh grated coconut or deep fry it with slices of sweet potaoes and yam in flour batter or deep-fry with wantan skin. But, now I post it with spring roll skin. It is so easy.

Source: My mom

Nian Gao (glutinous rice cake) sliced,
spring roll skin ,cut into smaller size
Oil, for deep frying

1. Cut nian gao into smaller size. Cut spring roll skin into smaller size.
2. Wrap nian gao with spring roll skin and sealed it with some water.
3. Deep fry till it turn to golden colour.

1. Slice prefer thinner than thicker .
2. Make sure oil is hot enough for frying or they will turn to very oily snacks.

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