Monday, 23 July 2007

Pandan Kaya Spread 咖央醬

Kaya is a jam made from cocnut milk, eggs, sugar and pandan leaves. Srikaya mean kaya with golden colour, depending on the amount of carmelization of sugar while green pandan kaya is based on the amount of pandan extract. Both of them are popular, as a jam, kaya is typically spread on toast or as fillings in kuih, buns, cakes of puff pastry. This is my mom recipes, she use a bowl to measure all ingredients -- a bowl of eggs, a bowl of cocnut milk, a bowl of sugar and some pandan leaves. I used pandan paste in stead of pandan leaves because it is hardly find at here, the reason I didn't caramized it is because the pandan paste give good green colour already and no need to caramize sugar for colouring.

Source: My mom, seadragon

6 eggs
sugar (same amount with the eggs)
coconut milk (same amount with the eggs)
1 tsp pandan paste or 6 pandan leaves
1. If you don't have double boiler, use 2 pots. One is slightly smaller than the other one, so that it can fit into the bigger pot. The smaller pot shouldn't touch bottom of the bigger pot, use a aluminium rack or else to elevate the smaller pot. Filled the bigger pot with water, the water should at least 1/3 or half of the smaller pot. Bring it to boil.
2. Beat lightly the eggs with sugar till dissolved, add in cococnut milk and stir well. Strain the eggs mixture into the smaller pot, add in pandan leaves or pandan paste and stir continuosly and steam it over gentle simmering water.
3. Keep on stirring kaya non-stop till the the custard is thick, discard the pandan leaves if you use pandan leaves.
4. Cool and bottled the kaya in jam jar.
1. If you want make serikaya, fry 3-6tbsp sugar separately and stir in the caramel, add this to the kaya to achieve the golden colour.
2. This homemade kaya can't keep for long time cause we didn't add in preservative, it can be best keep in the fridge.
3. You can do it with bread machine too, it might be much easier.
4. Malasian like to eat it with hot bread toast with a lot of butter and kaya.

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