Friday, 25 January 2008

My New Toy - Multifunctionele keukenmachine Artisan 5KSM150PSEIC ijsblauw

Hi, this is my lovely kitchenaids from my lovely husband. It is very useful, handy and easy to use without any noise. It is not only good and easy to make cakes, cookies but also for bread and buns. Now, I don't need to knead any dough anymore since I get this multifunctional kitchenaids. Besides, it can be used for grinding, rolling pasta, mince meat. It is very powerful, so becareful when you use it. Thanks to my dear husband.


Chrystal said... got one too! :D.. it's so cool.. very nice for kneading dough!

QQ red apple said...

hi chrystal,
yes, both of us have one, and it is very good for kneading, no more hand kneading. beside, it is also nice for making cake and beating eggs too. Happy Chinese New Year!