Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Kuih Sago

Sago is a powdery starch made from the processed pith found inside the trunks of the Sago Palm Metroxylon sagu. The genus name Metroxylon is derived from Greek and means heartwood, while the species name sagu is from a local name for the food. But, why peoples always confuse it with tapioca pearls which made from tapioca starch. Anyway, they taste quiet same, and you won't recognise it.

Source: Mamafami, Wikipedia


150g sago
1.5 cups water
1/2 cup white sugar
pandan leaves
coconut ~ grated and mix with a bit of salt
color ~ red or green


1. Slightly wash sago and drained.
2. Boil sugar, water and pandan leaves, add in sago. Stir constantly till thicken.
3. Remove heat and pour into mould, cool before served. Best served with fresh grated coconut.


1. I use tapioca pearls, and it is just taste like sago. Hahhah.....


Suzi said...

Hi there,
I love kuih sago and would like to make it but I could not find pandan leaves, actually I've not seen it here in Abu Dhabi.. Will it still be nice to make kuih sago without pandan leaves?


QQ red apple said...

If you failed to find pandan leaves, just use vanila in stead of it.

unadi said...

can I use one of those little bottles pandan essence instead? will that work? or will it stain the pudding? thanks..