Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Longan Jelly

Agar-agar, 洋菜, 瓊脂、石花菜、大菜, 寒天, is a gelatinous substance chiefly used as a solid substrate to contain culture medium for microbiological work. It is an unbranched polysaccharide obtained from the cell membranes of some species of red algae or seaweed. Agar can be used as a laxative, a vegetarian gelatin substitute, a thickener for soups, in jellies, ice cream and Japanese desserts such as anmitsu, as a clarifying agent in brewing, and for paper sizing fabrics. The word agar comes from the Malay word agar-agar (meaning jelly). It is also known as kanten, agal-agal (Ceylon agar), or China grass. In Asia, peoples use it commonly for dessert. Today , I make it with some longans cause my kids love longans.

Source : Chow Time


1 can longans
20g agar-agar stripes/ strands
100g sugar
1 litre water
sufficient food colouring


1. Seperate the longans and save the syrup.
2. Soak the agar-agar in cold water for 15 minute to soften it. Drained.
3. Boil sugar, water and syrup and add in agar agar, stir until the agar-agar and sugar is dissolved.
4. Add in food colouring and it before pouring into moulds.
5. Place a few longans in several moulds. Pour in the agar-agar mixture. Let cool and chill in the refrigerator before serve.


Anonymous said...

Oh absolutely lovely agar agar you made. The fish are so nice.

QQ red apple said...

Hi Vennila,
Thanks, it is really nice, a bit crunchy. My dutch neighbours were so surprise 'agar-agar' taste much much better than normal 'gelatine' which sold in netherlands.