Monday, 4 May 2009

Nestum Cookies & CornFlakes Cookies

I want to bake these cookies for quite a long time ago, but got no time as I have 3 lovely kids. Lastly, we made it together and it was so much fun to see how these young kids shaping the cookies. After baking, they were so proud and enjoying these cookies.

Source: Agnes Chang

120g butter/ margarine
60g sugar
1 egg yolk
1tsp vanilla essence
(B) Sift Together
150g self raising flour
1 tbsp custard powder
Some crushed cornflakes for cornflakes cookies
Some nestum for nestum cookies

1. Cream (A) till pale, light and fluffy. Fold in (B) and mix well.
2. Roll into small balls and coated with cornflakes or nestum. Place on greased tray or into small paper cups.
3. Bake in preheated oven 170 degree celcious until golden brown. Remove and cool completely before store in container.

1. You may used chopped nuts likes almond, walnut, cashewnuts, peanuts or even desicated coconut in stead of cornflakes or nestum.
2. This cookies are so nice and you won't get enough.
3. For an experiment, I added some almond essence with vanilla essence into these cookies, taste heavenly.


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JC said...


I just baked the Nestum Cookies!!

N it is absolutely easy to bake n taste so delicious!!

Thanks for sharing:)

God bless:)

natasya said...

baked the cornflake version over the weekend, you're right, it's addictive! Thanks for sharing.

Nina Omar said...

It was awesome. Thank you! :)