Thursday, 12 April 2007

Kuih Bingka Suji-Malay Semolina Cake

Hahaha......... I bought a pack 'griesmeel' (sugee,suji,semolina) and make this kuih cause I was so surprise suji can make kuih too. I'd promise my dutch neighbour to treat them kuih bingka cause they smell the fragnant last time when I baked kuih bingka kayu. Luckily everyone enjoy it.

Source: Jo's Deli And Bakery, Amy Beh

3 eggs
110g sugar
160g sugee/semolina
250ml coconut milk
60ml pandan juice(blend 6-8 pandan leaves with some water)
1/4 tsp salt
375ml water
90ml melted butter
30g sifted flour
1. Greased pan with some melted butter. 2. Beat eggs and sugar until sugar dissolves. Add in semolina, coconut milk, pandan juice, salt and water, then cook over medium heat till thick. Remove heat and add in melted butter and flour.
3. Pour into greased pan and bake at 190 degree celcious for 1 hour or till done. Then grill 5 minutes more with top heat for crispy golden brown skin. Cool completely before served.
1. The kuih seems undercook after 1 hour.But remember wait till it cool completely before cut it.It is already done,but it will be firm to kuih after you cool it completely.

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