Friday, 2 May 2008

Taiwanese Instant Kimchi 台式速食泡菜

Taiwanese instant kimchi .... very different if compare to korean style kimchi. This one is very easy, refreshing and super easy. It is a bit likes old times asian salad. Hahhahah.... but still very nice to eat especially during hot hot summer.

Source: Fenying

Ingredients A:
150g Cucumber (cut into 4, shredded, remove seeds)
20gRed Chilli (remove seeds, shredded)
80g Carrot (remove skin, shredded)
150g Cabbage (washed, shredded)

Ingredients B:
1/2tsp minced garlic
1/2tsp Salt
3tbsp Sugar
2tbsp Vinegar
1tbsp Sesame oil
2tbsp Fried white sesame seeds


1. Combine all and put it into fridge for several hours before serve.


1. You may cut the veggie into the size you wish.
2. I omitted the sesame seed because my kids hate it.

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