Thursday, 16 April 2009

Steamed Sweet Potatoes Cup Cakes

This kueh is a bit likes kueh lompang but it does contain sweet potatoes. It is very easy, simple and quite nice for a dessert.

Source: Agnes Chang

300g orange colour sweet potatoes
150g tapioca flour
100g sugar
300ml coconut milk
1/2 tsp salt
small cups
some grated coconut for coating


1. Steam the sweet potatoes till soft. Blend the sweet potatoes into smooth puree , add in tapioca flour and sugar. Beat it till smooth, slowly pour in coconut milk and salt and mix it into a smooth thick batter.
2. Pour into small chinese tea cups and steamed high heat for 15 minutes or till cooked.
#. Leave to cool before removing them from tea cups. Served with gated coconut as snack.


1. In steap of chinese tea cups, you may use other small cups too. Or you prefer steam it in a bigger pan (please adjust the steaming time.)

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