Friday, 3 July 2009

Donut - Doughnut - 甜甜圈 - 唐纳滋 - 多拿滋

Donuts, a piece sweet deep-fried dough (bread alike) or by baked batter (cake alike). Personally I prefer bread alike donut with just coating by sugar. Donuts may coated by chocolate, icing sugar or etc. Make these donuts for my kids as a treat as they behave very good in the week.

Source: Alan Ooi

(A)300g high protein flour
200g plain flour
80g sugar
5g salt
20g milk powder
10g yeast
(B) 230ml water
1 medium egg
(C) shortening/oil/butter/margerine
Coating : sugar

1. Combine (A), add in (B) and knead into dough. Add in (C) and continue knead until smooth, elastic and shiny dough.
2. Cover the dough and let it proo for 30 minutes (double bulk), Roll out the dough for 1cm thickness.
3. Use doughnut cutter to cut out doughnuts, let it on tray and proof for another 20 minutes (double bulk).
4. Use medium heat to deep-fry the doughnut till golden brown. Remove, place on absorbent paper and dredge with sugar whiles it is still hot.

1. I didn't have high protein flour, I used 500g plain flour.

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