Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Kaya Spread & Homemade Plum Jam

My husband bought a box of yellow plums, it was sale. It cost only 1 euro for wholebox - about 5 kilos or more. We can't finish it and I cook it into jam and hopla, taste nice. I will not post the recipes as I cook it with sugar till thick and store it in a pot. While kaya spread, you may have a look at here http://fcngoleong.blogspot.com/2008/07/kaya-egg-jam.html



1 bowl of egg
1 bowl of coconut milk
1 bowl of sugar
pandan leaves
100g suagr for caramel


1. Combine eggs, sugar and coconut milk and whisk gently till sugar is dissolved. Pour it into slow cooker, add in pandan leave and cook over slow temperature. It might be done in 4-6 hour depend of the amount. After it is done, caramize the sugar in a pan and pou into the kaya and stir quickly till well mixed. Blend till smooth.

1. You may use pandan paste and you will get green kaya and skip off the caramizing which for brown kaya.


Domestic Chickee said...

I'm impressed!It's not easy to make kaya. Gosh, I sure miss kaya! I don't think I can buy it here in the Netherlands. My parents used to do it the old fashion way and I still remember a lot of constant stirring has to be done!

QQ red apple said...

Hi 'Domestic Chickee',
Yes, you can buy kaya in here, Netherlands. Where do you live? I'm in Rotterdam, so, I see a lots of chinese stores likes Oriental Supermarket, Wah Nam Hong, Chang Jiang.... sells it but it is quite expensive, because the ingredients are cheap and the commercial ones might not so fresh and good as we wanted. Yes, making kaya should be stand patiencely and constantly stirring it but I found this method -- easy yet tasty. I saw some blogs making it with microwave but I used electic cooker. Nice to meet you!!!!!! Not easy to find blogger in Netherlands.

Sandra said...

Hi QQ red apple, this year I made pruimen jam, first time. We bought gelei suiker, recipe says 1 kg fruit to 1 kg suiker but we use about 750gm suiker.

First batch we added 1kg pruimen and 500 gm suiker was a bit sourish and watery. Second batch we made with 1 kg fruit and 750gm suiker was ok, nice and thick.

Next year we hope to try more flavours when the fruits are on sale.

You take care, yes,