Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Wholemeal Buns

Wholemeal buns/bread is our favourite choice for our breakfast or lunch because it is so healthy and tasty. I have teach my kids to eat healthy since they are starting eat solid foods. It is very important to have a good beginning, likes to bake own bread but my skill is not so good, still need lots of practicing. I used this recipe and the result turn out good and my house smelled nice with fresh bread!!!!!!

Source: Alan OOi

(A)300g high protein flour (I used plain flour)
200g wholemeal flour
40g brown sugar
1tsp salt
3 tsp yeast
(B) 300ml iced water
(C) 40g shortening/butter/margarine
Glazing: 1 beaten egg

1. Combine (A) add in (B), knead into dough and add in (C) and knead the dough till smooth, shiny and elastic to touch.
2. Leave the dough in a big bowl covered with damp cloth. Proof in warm place for about 30 minutes or more till it turn double bulk.
3. Divide the dough into 14 portion, each for about 60g. shape into balls. Leave the shaped dough on a baking tray, proof for 45 minutes till double bulk.
4. Glace with egg wash, proof for another 45 minutes.
5. Bake in preheated oven for 25-35 minutes at 190 degree celcious.

1. I didn't have high protein flour, I used plain flour. I increased the time of proofing as wholemeal flour has less gluten and it takes longer time to proof.


Foodie said...

Nice looking buns, gorgeous, how did you make those?? I am curious
I am also mom of two boys and look for new ways to cook stuff, Please if you could share the recipe I would appreciate it.

QQ red apple said...

Hi Pintoo,
Thanks, glad to know you likes it too. I will post the recipe soon. It is nice, as healthy too. Lots of greetings from Rotterdam!