Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Nian Gao

A must have dessert during chinese new year. This is a malaysian version, cause we add coconut milk and palm sugar into batter while a real chinese will add only water and slap sugar or sugar into their nian gao. One more different is we use banana leaves to make this glutinous cake look prettier and taste better. For a softer, moister and chewy texture, I used some wheat starch.

Source: Jo's Deli And Bakery

200g palm sugar
100g suagr
250ml water
4 pandan leaves
200g sifted glutinous flour
100g sifted wheat starch(tung ming fun)
300ml coconut milk
1tbsp oil

1. Cook banana leaves till soft, dry it and grease with some oil. Lined on the mould. Set aside.
2. Cook palm sugar,sugar,water and pandan leaves till dissolved. Remove off heat let it cool completely.
3. Combine all ingredients and blend it till smooth batter.
4. Pour into banana leaves lined moulds and steam over rapid boiling water about 2 hours. Cool Completely before serve.

1. Remember cover the lid of steamer with a damp clothes to prevent water dripping.

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