Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Steamed Xi Pan - Steamed Hakka Glutinous Rice Flur Pancakes

Xi Pan in mandarin or hee pan in hakka is 喜粄, a old-fashion kuih which will be made to celebrate wedding. This kuih is pinkish colour, soft and a bit chewy steamed rice bun. You need to taste it once and will know what I mean. Quite interesting, but need to eat on that day, second day might not taste so good as it will be a bit harder and drier. I made these xi pan with my kids and enjoyed it, we are celebrating our new house is finally done, we get the keys!!!

Source: Aunty Yochana, Momster Cuppie Corner


(A) Sponge
1 tsp yeast
150g flour
125ml water
150g flour
150g glutinous flour
125g sugar
150ml water
pink colouring


1. Mix (A) and cover. Keep it overnight.
2. Mix (A) and (B), prove for another 4 hours or till double bulks.
3. Divided 50g each, rub with some oil and put on a piece greased banana leaf or greased paper. Let it proof for 15 minutes.
4. Steam medium heat for 15 minutes.

1. The kuih is a bit sweet to me, please adjust the amount if you don't like sweet.
2. The second proof in the recipe is 15 minutes, but I let it proof for 30 minutes before steam them.

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