Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Steamed White Sugar Sponge - Pak Thong Koh - Bai Tang Gao

Pak thong Koh is our favourite dim sum and will order it when we are in chinatown restaurant. I tried for a lots of recipe, but this time, it is just the right kuih that I want. Likes to share with you too....

Source: Sashimi, Florence

230g Rice Flour
150 ml water
380 ml water
180 g castor sugar
1/2 tsp yeast*
2 tbsp water
1/8 tsp oil
1 drop alkaline water***

1. Bring (B) to boil then add into (A) mixture. Mix well. Once cool, add (C) in. Let mixture proof for 8 hours**.
2. After 8 hours, add (D), mix well and steam over high heat for 25 mins.

1. The key for a succes pak thong koh is the proving time. Please adjust the time. If you see a lots of tiny bubbles and sweety smell on the surface, it is done and can be steam. If it smell sour, it is mean overproof and steam immediately.


Anonymous said...

can you tell me, this cake is sponge, soft or has a lot of honey combs? thank you very much.

nga said...

could you tell me, this cake is spongy, soft or has a lot of honey combs. Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

could you tell me this cake is spongy, soft or a lot of honey combs.Thank you very much

QQ red apple said...

This chinese white suagr sponge cake is a bit spongy, a bit chewy and a lots of small combs and also quite soft. But, it's texture is not exactly same likes we bought in asia market one. If you want the most perfect one, may try this one which made by auntie yochana, please have a look at here,
I tried it before but forget to take photos, that's why did'nt post up. Succes.